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Amsterdam modern orthodox shul


AMOS is an Orthodox Synagogue  servicing the greater Amsterdam area. AMOS is open to everyone, also from outside  Amsterdam.AMOS is affiliated with the NIK/NIHS rabbinate.  

AMOS  sees itself as modern orthodox following the halacha as received by Moshe on Mount Sinai and its oral interpretation (oral laws).


Modern Orthodox has 3 important pillars:

  • Respect and equality for all Jews regardless of their personal way of life or religious association (i.e. in open relationship with everyone)

  • Clear connection and solidarity with the State of Israel (as the beginning of the final redemption)

  • Science and dialogue as an important part of the development of the world (and thus Gd's creation)

A life according to Torah (Jewish law) is not an end in itself, but provides the standards and value system that is important to give a meaningful and valuable interpretation to earthly existence and to find a balance between the worldly and the Divine.  Man has a free choice to adhere to this. At AMOS  however, we offer as many ingredients as possible to fulfil a life according to Torah in a modern society.

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